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quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Yhdarl - A prelude of Sickness (BEL)

Doentio! Sujo! Como vermes rastejando por sobre a vida no fim este disco trás marcas profundas da doença do mundo! Gritos, Drones, Ambientes de desespero, isto é Yhdarl!

Por Déhà postado em Is surely my favourite project, yet the most difficult to be heard. Yhdarl is between Suicidal/Funeral Black/Doom with Drone/Noise influences. It has a quite big discography for such a little time. It has been formed in the late 2006, with the will of destroying my mind and body while making music, and this is what it does. Since 2009, Yhdarl is a duo with Abalonka, doing extra vocals, bass and composition.

Sobre o Disco: Very first effort for Yhdarl. Two long improvisations, guest vocals by Shabe on track 2 and outro made by Schabe also. A kinda weird piece of black/doom metal, with some Abruptum worship on it.

Ano/ Year:2007
Gênero(s)/Genre(s): Drone/Doom/Black Metal
Temas Líricos/Lyrical Theme(s):Pain, Hate, Toture, Death
Origem/Origin: Bélgica
Formado em/Formed in:2007
Current label: Fronzen Veins Records
Contatos do projeto/ Contacts of the project : Yhdarl
Status: Active

Execution list:

02.The Dark and Hard Walking Down To Hell
03.The Mourning Sky Among Infested Stars

*Agradecimento especial à Déhà por liberar seu trabalho para Asylum Archives

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