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terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010

Eg0cide Productions - (FRA) - (Label)


Gênero(s)/Genre(s): Experimental side of ambient music : dark ambient, drone, ambient noise, but We are curious of other kinds experimental and/or dark music, so that we could possibly release free improvisation, non-academic electro-acoustic music, post-rock, psych folk, shoegaze, inudstrial, and maybe experimental subgenres of metal like drone doom and experimental black metal...and best of all, music that is impossible to describe/classify. 
Nacionalidade/Nationality: França
Eg0cide Productions is a label focusing on the experimental and ambient music ( mostly guitar-based ) produced by The Ghost Between The Strings and guests... It started as net only but since 2009 it releases also some CD-Rs You can also visit our Official page/blog for news about contributors of the label, and get in touch via our. myspace page.

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