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sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2010

Finkster - Conscience (CD OUT on July 31, 2010)

Long time friend John Fink Jr. (USA) has decided to spit in the face of the commercial world and asked Against it Records to put out his new album "Conscience" for his main project "Finkster" (You may also know him for his excellent work as "Dead Industrie"). His music is ambient, classic, experimental and always appears like an excellent soundtrack to (imaginary) films.
"Conscience" is an album with a message, which is rare in the dark & experimental ambient genres. It.. is no album to listen to while you are doing the dishes.
John wanted to express "duality as this again is the nature of things I am railing against in this music". Therefore he uses crystal clear sounds as well as cracklings and dirtier sounds.
The music on this CD could be tagged as experimental-electronic Avant-Garde-(Dark)Ambient and has its melancholic moments as well and you can hear hints of goth here and there.

Featured Voices by:
Christine Alric | Une Autre Transformation | Ralf Rabendorn | Sin Drella

Photography by John Fink Jr
 Layout & design and CD mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Limited first collectors edition (30 for public sale plus 10), pro printed diy digipack, prof. diamond dyes (ink & sealed), pvc-bag
Release date: 31. July 2010

Help to spread the word, friends of Underground and anti-Mainstream music

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