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sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

FunerART - The Experimental/Chilean label (Label)

Label: FunerART

Nacionalidade/Nationality: Chile
FunerArt é um label chileno dedicado a arte pós-moderna, que abriu muitas portas para projetos do latino-americanos, inclusive no Brasil, e está a frente de grandes e inovadoras iniciativas como I N V O C A C I Ó N - FIRST LATIN AMERICAN DRONE & FUNERAL DOOM DOCUMENTAL WORK COMPILATION e a monumental obra La Última fronteira/Uma Última Froneteira/La Dernière Frontiere /Die letzte Grenze/The Last Border .

Agradecimentos especiais a esse label e ao meu amigo Alexis!!! 

FunerART is born in 2007 as an extension to Doom Voice Studies. The projects that they were born in this room needed a label that was endorsing them and with the time they were giving himthe spirits to produce your works.
This way FunerART in the 2007 editing the work of Frustration Emotions, Remembrar to Aseidad.
Supported by the licenses Creative Comons, FunerART is a mixture of digital it with the physical one, in which they experience his acceptance with the split of F.I.N. and O.I.D.
We're work with this formats: CD-PRO (Editions of 100-50-30), CD-R (30 numbered), FREE DOWNLOAD
FunerART is an underground label stationed in Santiago, Chile. Check out our main site at FunerART

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