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terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011

Illness - BLACK SCHIZOPHRENIC METAL From Norway/Poland

Origem/Origin: NORWAY / POLAND
Formado em/Formed in: 2001 (POLAND)
Current label: -
Contatos do projeto/ Contacts of the project :
Status: ACTIVE

ILLNESS horde was created in 2001 in Poland.After few rehearsals band recorded first unofficial demo in Carrion's home.In the beginning of 2003 Illness has begun to record their first album called PARANOIC ABYSS.Unfortunetly,during mixing hard disc of computer get damaged and whole material was lost.Album was never rerecorded again.In winter of 2005 band made a videoclip for the demo track entitled Paranoic Abyss (the same title as the lost album).
Video contains samples from horror movies and bands materials..April of 2007 brings second cd.BLACK SCHIZOPHRENIC METAL.Music totally different from the one that apeared on the first album.Only two rehearsals were done before recording session (Gulnar has moved to Norway)Album is divided on a two parts.First one is agressive Black metal with samples from horror movies and automatic drums.

Second is psycho keyboards,samples,automatic drums and vocals..In the end of 2007 band recorded mcd called RAZORS,DOPE AND SUICIDE WORSHIP.It contains one new track(Suicide),demo track(Paranoic abyss)and two covers(Witchmaster and Nattefrost) plus intro.

In summer of 2008 Gulnar has recorded reh material titled CURSED AND FORGOTTEN(ANTIPOSER MANIFEST) which became official Illness release.Rehearsal includes three tracks from upcomming NECROTERROR album,Ad Hominem cover and different version of song from second album.Sound is very harsh and brutal.Material has many incorects but this is true reh!no doubles!!!The True Black Metal Sound for maniax!

January 2009 brings third album called NECROTERROR.Recorded in professional Sound Great Studio.Band spend three weeks in the studio.Album contains thirteen tracks of total hatred and schizophrenia.Again cd is divided on a two parts:First one represents the true Black Metal.Second one is suicide provoking keyboard expresion.As always Illness used many samples from CULT horror movies and series,as well as the automatic drums programed by Gulnar (for the first time).
In summer of the same year horde recorded 2 songs for ep entitled TRUPI JAD(CADAVEROUS POISON).Recorded halfly in Norway(Sub Sun Flow Studio) and in Poland(Long Train Studio).3 months after that release, Illness has sign deal with FORCES OF SATAN RECORDS for selling TRUPI JAD in FOS’ download store
In may of  2010 horde is recording PLANET PARANOIA album.Best sound and music itself comparing to earlier releases.Recoded in very professional Monroe Studio.Lyrics for one of the hymns (“Selftorture”) was written exclusivly for Ilness by Vile Horg(FORCES OF SATAN RECORDS)
Nowadays band has recorded (in Monroe Sound Studio) 3 new hymns for split with SIRS.The most dark and sick album ever made by the band.Dvd version will be released by  Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions.Cd version by Nihil Art Productions.

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