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quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Frustration Emotions - I Saw, NOW we are Dying - LP 2011 FunerART posmoGROUP

2 / SISIFO (Σίσυφος)
3 / posmodroomic manifest (poema creacionista)
4 / I Saw, NOW we are Dying
5 / Cold Asteroids from the eyes of the foreign Gods
POSMODROOM (Postmodernist Doom) is FREE MUSIC/ART Expression for FREE PEOPLE
Frustration Emotions is: Nicolas Jara on acoustic Guitar & Alexis Brantes on the rest
This work is to the memory of Cathrine Desirea Florit Stensland & to the glory of the postmodernist doom
Design by posmoTHE51GN: Integral & Emotional Design Service
FunerART posmoGROUP is music for the new world.

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