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domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

S.I.R.S. - New Videos

 S.I.R.S. is project created by L.Ghost in Poland that makes all instruments and programs,  art covers.Member sessions Gulnar - Saws, injection and Outro - vocals.
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ILLNESS vs S.I.R.S. - Intro (In the Cell) - Special Edition

ILLNESS horde was created in 2001 in Poland.After few rehearsals band recorded first unofficial demo in Carrion's home.In the beginning of 2003 Illness has begun to record their first album called PARANOIC ABYSS.Unfortunetly,during mixing hard disc of computer get damaged and whole material was lost.Album was never rerecorded again.
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KLVER vs S.I.R.S - Dysthymic Disorder

KLVER is a french project...
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