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sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

SIRS - Prevarication Sick and Hypocrisy of Humanity


The sickeness called S.I.R.S has just thrown a putrid box in Runenste in Records, the work bill with a great collection of old sounds as well as new sounds also, in the special format already known from theABISMO'S box. Check below some images of those collector pieces, once again a work for few with only 33 copies!

A doença chamada S.I.R.S acaba de lançar um pútrido box pela Runenste in Records, o trabalho conta com uma grande coletânea de sons antigos assim como sons novos também, no especial formato já conhecido do box do ABISMO. Confira abaixo algumas imagens dessas peças de colecionador, mais uma vez um trabalho para poucos com apenas 33 cópias!

RR26: SIRS - Prevarication Sick and Hypocrisy of Humanity

Special Box-set containing 5CDrs, 3 Tapes, 1 Shirt, 1 Patch, 1 Poster and 4 Photos, all together in a metal box.
limited to 33 hand-numbered copies.
co-Release with Tryby Label.
Sick Depressive Ambient from Poland.
59€ (L/XL)

CD1+2: Dose of Sickness
containing the EPS Cry in Silence and Experimental forcing the Human Brain & the Demos  Fungemia and Nervous System Disorders of the Brain  

CD3: Dirty, Vile Piece Of Human Life
A collection of tracks from the splits with Illness, Nihilia, Abismo, Anonymous/Schizofreni, Fear and Aghast/Nihil/21 Gramms/Dead Factory

CD4: Hopeless Reality (All we nothing)

CD5: ICD-10 (Persistent Delusional Disorder)

Tape1: Existential Nihilism

Tape2: Hysteria

Tape 3: Outside border of the degenerate imagination

T-Shirt: Sickness called Humanity (available in L & XL)

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