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terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

Against it Records - (GER) (Label)

Label: Against it Records 

Gênero(s)/Genre(s): Experimental Music, Indie, Lo-Fi, Interesting Noise, (exp.) Jazz, Drone, Doom, Electro Acoustic, Avant-Garde, Concrète, Early Industrial, Post Rock, Dark Ambient, Noise Rock, Psychedelic, Krautrock, MEDUSADA, Harsh stuff (I don't necessarily mean Harsh Noise), real Punk music, Death Rock, Experimental Rock music, Experimental Guitar stuff, Ambient, Space folk, Field Recordings, Indie Folk,...and similar genres

Nacionalidade/Nationality: Alemanha
Este é um pequeno rotulo Alemão criado por R.J. Schrey  que desde o ano passado vem fazendo um grande trabalho, publicado em ultra limitadas edições artistas experimentais do mundo todo em suas mais diversas formas, desde sons escuros e densos a camadas mas claras.

"Against it Records" was founded on January the first 2010.
This is small DIY label, releasing pro CD-Rs in editions of 15-30, sometimes but rarely 50 or more. This is an Undergound label and I'm doing this alone, so I keep the editions small...true Underground.
All editions are true collectors editions, pro quality, rare.
The CD's are professionally printed (ink), cause I like a certain quality and I hate stickers on CD-R's, the covers are pro printed and good looking. There are good people for the artwork and visual presentation (artwork) is rather our business, logos are no problem.

If you want to get in touch and you think your music fits (see "Influences", actually I listen to many genres)), send me links to your music (we need wave format (16bit/44,1khz) only for the master and the release). Please do not use "rapidshare", "megaupload" works much better and faster for me. Don't waste your money for shipping costs, I have a good internet connection. We all want to keep the costs low!

Artists will receive ca. 20-30% of copies (Split is ca. 10-15% each).Of course no money.
I won't spend all my cash on promo copies for reviewers, cause these reviews are mostly online 6 months later and I don't have money to burn in general, though we always offer digital versions.
Mouth to mouth propaganda comes first! If you want to be a fucking rockstar, then go away...we are against it!

"Against it Records" welcomes you and doesn't gives a shit if you are known in the scenes or just a nobody. Interesting music, that's what we want!

Our email for demos is: demos(AT)

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